Friday, February 21, 2014

Markle's Monarchs Show Off Their Water Cycle Knowledge

Mrs. Markle's 3rd grade class has been studying the water cycle, and as an end-of-unit project the students were asked to represent their knowledge in any way they chose. Many of her students decided to use technology as a tool to accomplish this task!

Monarchs Hard at Work

The Monarchs are really great with technology, as they use it during their lessons quite often, so it was no surprise to see such great student work. Some Monarchs decided to use Prezi, which is a great alternative to PowerPoint. Others chose to use their Google Drives to create Presentations, and one creative young man made a stop-motion animation to illustrate the water cycle!

Working with Prezi

Way to go, Monarchs!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank You PTA!

The PTA here at Laurel Mountain is incredibly supportive of our staff, students, and our mission and we are so thankful for their hard work!

This year RRISD enabled Google Apps for Education accounts for all students in grades 2-5, and our teachers and students have been learning how to use all the amazing features of these accounts. They are creating some fantastic products!

Second grade was at a disadvantage because of a lack of access to technology. While grades 3-5 here at LME have 48 laptops per grade level to use on a daily basis, 2nd graders only had 15. They do use a computer lab, but it's so much more effective to integrate technology within your classroom.

PTA stepped up to the plate and funded an entire cart of 24 brand new laptops for our 2nd grade students! It was quite an expensive purchase, but our students are SO worth it!

Thank you, PTA, for recognizing the need for more technology and for making it happen for our kids!