Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mr. Hance's Paperless Classroom

5th graders in Mr. Hance's math and science class have truly gone digital! Almost all assignments are created, shared and graded through Google Drive. Mr. Hance uses the Doctopus extension to help him make this possible.

The students write and submit weekly status reports on their projects and classwork via Drive. They collaborate with each other to complete assignments. The students even take Samsung tablets or netbooks out into the preserve to document their learning, and upload their work to Drive once they are back in wi-fi range. (We are hoping to install outdoor wi-fi in the near future to make this use of technology more seamless)

Soon, the students will submit reports for peer review. Peer review will take place via Google Forms, where the students will fill out a rubric created as a form and submit it so the author can view the critiques from his or her peers.

Mr. Hance and his students have fully embraced the Google way of life!