Monday, October 27, 2014

Stop Motion Animation

Recently Mrs. Trejo's Treefrogs completed an interest survey, and many of the Treefrogs are interested in making movies. Mrs. Trejo, Mrs. Kownacki and Mrs. Sara Richards helped the Treefrogs create some stop-motion animated movies using our Next Gen iPads and the Lego Movie Maker app.

The students were given two choices for movie topics: converting fractions to mixed numbers or showing the effects of weathering and erosion. They were given one hour and some playdoh, and worked with partners to create a masterpiece.

The final products were great! The students were really creative and focused on their projects. When the movies were completed, we were able to upload them from the iPads to the students' Google Drive folders for easy sharing.

Way to go, Treefrogs, and thank you to Mrs. Trejo and Mrs. Kownacki for taking a risk and trying something new and out of the box!

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