Monday, March 31, 2014

2nd and 3rd Graders Shone at Enrichment Cluster Showcase

Last week was the culmination of our latest round of enrichment clusters, and the students showed off some fantastic work! Many of these clusters utilized technology, even when the topic of their cluster wasn't necessarily technology-oriented. Check out some of these clusters:

  • "Take One" - these students created awesome videos on the subjects of their choice. 
  • "The Great Minecraft Experiment" - the "crafters" worked together to bring to life a town full of beautiful buildings.
  • "Sports Galore" - while learning about and playing fun sports (including Quidditch!), students created a video about their experiences.
  • "Flying Lion Travel Agency" - this cluster made some professional-looking documents for their agency and did a significant amount of online research.
  • "Creative Coding" - these students learned about computer programming and used Scratch to create their own games and other interesting products.
  • "Friendship Bracelet Rainbow Looming" - the students in this cluster taught themselves some new and creative ways to make friendship bracelets by watching videos online.
  • "LEGOsmiths" - in this cluster, students used a computer to design their lego creation before creating it. 
We are very proud of our students' work. Great job, Lions!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Composing Music Digitally

Ms. Marshall's music classes often use technology in their music lessons, and today was no different! Second graders took advantage of our enrichment lab to create musical compositions that looked incredibly professional.

Students used Music Ace to transcribe their original compositions (with lyrics included!) into a digital format. The results were fantastic!

Great job, musicians! And thank you, Mrs. Marshall, for getting I.T. right!